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The Salsa® series

The new generation of plastic shopping carts

Special transporters SP2, SP3, SP4

Transport loads easily and conveniently

wire tech 100

A system for successful sales


The most intelligent system generation with multifunctional high-tech features

Order picking cart KT3

The all-round talent with a whole host of accessories

Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique design in premium quality

Galaxy Gate® 1.1

An elegant access gate with innovative technology


Customised, not off the rack.

EL series

Clarity at the checkout – prevention of stocktaking differences

Tango® City

Mini trolley with comfortable plastic design

Travel 300

Luggage transport cart – simple and convenient

Airport Shopper NG

Appealing and timeless design

DR 22 children's shopping trolley

Shopping like a grown-up

GS-Lobby luggage collection trolley

The elegant luggage collection trolley

Shopping trolley with tray for BabySafe

Added service for shoppers with babies in car seats

GS-Compact luggage collection trolley

The practical luggage collection trolley

Shopping trolley for wheelchair users

Less strain and better service for people with disabilities


Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard

Classic swivel arm

Simply compact

Atlas turnstile

Motor-driven full-height gate turnstile

EasyGo turnstile

Motor-driven variable turnstile

Galaxy Port

State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

BakeOff® 2.0/2.1

Keeps bread rolls fresh

BakeOff® 3.0

High level of hygiene

BakeOff® display

Attractive presentation of baked goods