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They just keep on rolling: Wanzl carts are designed for the long haul. Always unique in terms of quality, technology, functionality, ergonomics and design – Wanzl carts operate with non-stop perfection to offer customers the highest-quality service. This is ensured by the maintenance-free, original Wanzl castors. Whether for shopping, transporting, order picking, collecting and sorting or providing a service: Wanzl is always committed to serving the customer. That’s our promise!

The Salsa® series

The new generation of plastic shopping carts

Order picking cart KT3

The all-round talent with a whole host of accessories

Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique design in premium quality

Travel 300

Luggage transport cart – simple and convenient

Airport Shopper NG

Appealing and timeless design

1412 Series (Lg)

Easily navigate through large retail environments

1435 Series (Std)

Navigate narrow aisles with ease

1540 Series (Std)

Nest, navigate, and shop with ease

1737 Series (Std)

Navigate aisles with ease and efficiency

1938 Series (Std)

Compact solution for smaller stores

1985 Series (Std)

Efficient, space-saving carts

2638 Series (Std)

The perfect blend of practicality, reliability, and versatility

2943 Series (Std)

Practicality, Reliability, and Space-saving Convenience

3241 Series (Std)

Deeper basket capacity for bulk shopping and larger merchandise

3340 Series (Std)

All around cart for all retail stores

3342 Series (Std)

A quieter, mid-size cart

3440 Series (Lg)

A classic and spacious shopping cart

3442 Series (Lg)

A classic, extra-large shopping cart

3541 Series (Lg)

Great for larger shopping trips

5141 Series (Ex)

High maneuverability with serious capacity

5141D Series (Two-Basket Ex)

Double the Convenience

5341 Series (Two-Basket Ex)

Maximize space, two-basket organization

5440 Series (Two-Basket Ex)

Double the convenience

5640 Series (Two-Basket Ex)

Double the Convenience

6142 (Std)

Full-size capacity for weekly shopping