Discover Wanzl North America's Remanufacturing Service, the sustainable solution that keeps your shopping carts in prime condition. We understand the pivotal role shopping carts play in shaping the customer experience within your retail environment. By participating, retailers prolong the lifespan of carts, creating a positive shopping environment that fosters loyalty and drives sales.

Through the Remanufacturing Service, you are reducing your environmental impact while optimizing your budget with our cart remanufacturing expertise. Instead of disposing of carts prematurely, which incurs unnecessary costs and contributes to environmental impact, let Wanzl breathe new life into your cart fleet, restoring them to a "like new" condition. This cost-effective alternative to purchasing new carts not only saves money but also reduces your carbon footprint. By reusing steel components and employing environmentally friendly e-coat systems, we adhere to sustainability principles while delivering almost the same quality finish as the original carts. With Wanzl, you're not just investing in your retail operation's efficiency; you're also making a tangible commitment to environmental stewardship, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.