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Shopping baskets

Everyone knows the story: you just need one thing, but once you’re in the store there’s always something else. Shopping baskets are the perfect solution for a handful of goods. Mostly positioned conveniently at the entrance, baskets can be taken without the use of a coin deposit system – therefore saving time as well. Wanzl offers shopping baskets in many different versions, for example as a roller basket with pull-out handle, with the option to carry or steer. Wanzl also offers the classic wire shopping baskets as an alternative.


Handheld, mobile, convertible


Convenient roller basket for quick purchases

Mobile Basket Stand

Mobile storage unit that goes anywhere

Stationary Basket Stand

Shop with ease, stack with style

Wanzl has been manufacturing these for decades and receives excellent ratings from both retailers and end customers for this timeless and durable model. The benefits of the HW series also include good stackability. The WA series shopping baskets have a somewhat lower net weight and come in a choice of bright colours. They have a narrow-meshed design so that even small parts can be safely transported in them. The benefit to the retail industry is that the shopping baskets in the WA series can be customised with a corporate design. 

The shopping basket eco-variant.

Wanzl is a responsible company and focuses equally on convenience and sustainability in the development of its products. That’s why there are two baskets manufactured from recycled plastic in different designs.

With regard to sturdiness and recycling options, the ergonomically designed GT26eco and GT40eco with castors compare more than favourably with their siblings from new production. The Wanzl eco shopping baskets are also designed for long-term use, whilst being easy to clean and low-maintenance.

Wanzl – a company with a great deal of expertise 

Shopping trolleys and shopping baskets are the central products in the Wanzl product range. The success story of the trolley assembly and repair service workshops in Leipheim began with these products, and they created the foundation to take orders for customers from other company divisions. Whether you need the Shop Solutions, Retail Systems or Hotel Service business division – contact our experienced staff and let them offer you in-depth advice!