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At Wanzl you don’t just get one basket – you get several baskets at once. With its different product lines, Wanzl offers its customers many innovative products from sturdy waste baskets to roller baskets right through to shopping baskets – making everyday life easier. For example, the practical storage baskets in various sizes enable a complete warehouse to be set up or dismantled in no time.


Handheld, mobile, convertible


Convenient roller basket for quick purchases

Mobile Basket Stand

Mobile storage unit that goes anywhere

Stationary Basket Stand

Shop with ease, stack with style

Bargain baskets

Easy to set up and quick to stow away

Basket presentation stands

Ideal for your fresh produce section

Foldable bargain table mobile

Can be folded to save space

Hang-in baskets

Endless and varied combination options

Quick Sell

Sales basket with adjustable bottom tray

Shelf insert baskets

For clear presentation of the product range

Shelf/insert basket systems

L series for normal loads, S series for heavy loads

Stacking baskets

For clear and appealing product displays

TK-D transport basket type 1/2

Mobile transport basket with lid

TK-R transport basket

Mobile transport basket, open design with bumper

The baskets can be stacked on top of each other, whilst retaining a high level of stability. The robust wire baskets are especially suitable for small items, as they are not only secure but offer a good view from all sides. The Wanzl baskets also make a good impression in sales areas. They can be quickly assembled as hang-in baskets for shelving or special offer baskets, take up little space and showcase products beautifully. The practical transport baskets on casters are especially appreciated by staff in warehouses and stores. They can be loaded with up to 200 kg (441 lb) of products and still remain extremely mobile and easy to maneuver.

Shopping baskets in various designs

The many Wanzl baskets designed for shopping are popular due to their extremely robust quality, and because they are easy to carry and feature an appealing design.

Customers enjoy carrying these baskets because they provide the ideal assistance for a quick shop. Whether as a plastic roller basket or high-gloss chrome-plated variant with carrying handle – the Wanzl models have established themselves at an international level in the retail market. The stackability of shopping baskets means they save a great deal of space compared with shopping carts. This benefits the retailer in particular, as space is normally at a premium in the sales area. 

Collecting waste made easy

Waste accumulates in any public facility which receives a high volume of visitors each day – that’s also the case in retail. Wanzl waste bins can hold different quantities of general waste. Their steel-wire construction is robust and durable – designed for indoors and outdoors.