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Luggage carts for travelers

In stressful situations at train stations or airports, travelers need reliable services. A good luggage cart which holds as much luggage as possible and remains maneuverable while doing so is always in demand. Luggage carts often seem to be in short supply at peak travel times. If you want to equip yourself with additional luggage carts, the Wanzl range offers various product series with different features. Choose between three-wheel models such as the Aera and Travel models or four-wheel models as offered within the Travel and Voyager series. All Wanzl luggage carts are distinguished by th...

Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique design in premium quality

Travel 300

Luggage transport cart – simple and convenient

Airport Shopper NG

Appealing and timeless design

Airport Shopper ES

Ideal for escalators

Combi C400

A slim cart that fits through the tightest and busiest of spaces

Combi E300

A luggage cart for your fleet upgrade

Easy 400

Small but high-quality cart for hand luggage

Easy 88

The basic airside shopping cart


Safety on escalators

Tourist 3000

An unpretentious all-rounder

Travel 300 BL

The premium model

Travel 400

A classic on four wheels

Voyager 3000/Voyager 3000 EX

Reliable technology and impressive design

Safety first on every luggage cart

First and foremost, a luggage cart transports luggage. To ensure that it can continue to do its job for a long time, safety plays a key role. Luggage carts should in any case be able to transport several heavy items at once, and the casters and frame must therefore be sufficiently sturdy. The weight-bearing capacity varies between 80 and 250 kg (176 and 551 lbs) depending on the model. Wanzl luggage carts are designed and produced with great care. Typical features include high-quality materials and clean lines. The Eurosprinter series is even TÜV-certified.

Traverse long distances successfully

The modern luggage cart has to overcome various challenges in large airports or train stations. These include escalators or travelators as well as uneven floors or lifts – all no problem for Wanzl luggage carts. The Airport Shopper and Eurosprinter are specially designed for escalators, since the luggage is stowed in a horizontal position to prevent tipping over and the casters engage securely on escalator steps. Wanzl has also thought carefully about the issue of hygiene. The handle bars pass through many hands each day, making them the ideal breeding ground for germs. The Travel luggage cart, for example, is supplied as standard with an anti-bacterial handle. This hinders any transmission of germs.