Innovation Hub

Innovation is structured chaos and requires an open, communicative, bold, tech-savvy, and decisive culture.

In 2022, Wanzl decided to promote and encourage precisely this culture. The nucleus is the Wanzl Innovation Hub, which stands for innovation in the Wanzl Group and identifies and drives forward innovative topics in Germany and worldwide. 

From the first idea to an innovative product

The InnoHub is the central hub for sharing ideas for innovative products and solutions. In the process, we pick up on ideas that have their starting point in changed customer needs, new technologies, and social changes. The most relevant topics for the Wanzl Group are identified and further developed from a variety of ideas. Together with experts from a wide range of departments, we drive innovation projects forward until they start to fly.

Wanzl Smart Trolley (Cart)

Scan your purchase when placing it into the shopping cart, skipping the time-consuming checkout line altogether: Wouldn’t that be great? Our Smart Trolley (Cart) easily makes this vision a reality. Using the integrated scanner, the customer can scan the individual items they take off the shelves and, with the display integrated in the handle, keep track of their purchases and the final amount to be paid. Artificial intelligence monitors whether the scanned items match the items placed in the cart. The customer and operator save time and effort as there is no need to wait and repack at the checkout.

Wanzl’s innovation culture is based on a shared understanding of values

For us, innovation means working together based on shared values. The Wanzl mission statement plays an important role here. We operate dynamically, reliably, and progressively, and our innovation culture is characterized by collaboration, courage, transparency, openness, and respect.