Here comes something fresh

  • Ingenious simplicity and flexibility
  • Encourages impulse buying
  • Outstanding hygiene concept

Market fresh – that is the first thought that will strike your customers when they see your new Vitable fruit and vegetable section, thanks to its design, which is based on the traditional market stall look. It reminds customers of markets bursting with freshly picked fruit and home-grown, crisp vegetables, fresh from the field. The design of the new Vitable also tells your customers where they can buy freshly harvested produce these days: From you!

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More enticing

Vitable encourages more impulse buying! Are you looking for a secondary placement unit to display vinegar, oil, etc. near the salads? No problem. Vitable offers a range of modules with handles for easy hanging, which can then immediately be filled with attractive products. The back panels can also be decorated according to your preferences, so you can make sure your customers remember to buy their juicy steak as well as a crisp salad.


Vitable boasts a unique hygiene concept. Areas where fruit juice and debris could collect are easy for staff to reach, even if the structure is closed, thanks to the hygiene flap.

More cost-effective

Vitable does not cost much to purchase or assemble. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price at which Wanzl quality is available in the Vitable. Vitable can be assembled quickly and easily, meaning you save on time as well. Finally, Vitable also saves working hours every day as it facilitates back-friendly stocking and easy cleaning of the surfaces and beneath the stand.

More flexible

Vitable is ingeniously simple and fantastically flexible. Vitable is available with or without a hygiene flap, with wooden or tubular laths, with stainless steel shelves or plastic trays. The front and back panels can also be customized with your own design, whether this be a wooden look, a summery or autumnal style, a special theme for asparagus season or simply a different, new look every week. Shopping urges thrive on change.

With Vitable, it is always shopping season

Vitable is different – every single day, if you choose. Simply remove the magnetic foil on the hygiene flap and the top of the rear panel and decorate it to suit your needs, your offers or the season: magnificent asparagus with white wine and hollandaise sauce, crisp salad with tender turkey breast for barbecue season, fresh, vitamin-rich citrus fruits for Christmas. To make sure your fruit and vegetable section will always seem new and fresh to your customers, Wanzl offers a wide range of standard decorative elements to go with your new Vitable. Magnetic foils with individual themes can be ordered at short notice and at appealing prices.

Vitable adapts flexibly to your space

Whether in a city-center store or in a large space, as a gondola or wall shelving: the basic Vitable elements are available in various heights and depths, in bay widths of 1,000 mm / 39.4 inches and 1,250 mm / 49.2 inches, and also as a single, double or triple shelf system. Just what you need to make best use of your space. The new Vitable offers an abundance of compatible accessories. And if you are looking for a really individual solution, our designers will be happy to assist you with their creativity and expertise. Get in touch and we can discuss! In any case, you can rely on one thing: your new Vitable system will continue to deliver the fresh fruit and vegetable section you wanted for years to come.

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We will help you plan your fresh foods section

Wanzl will help you design a tasteful atmosphere for the entire fresh foods section, including the related cross-selling concepts, with Vitable and other Original Wanzl products such as YourTable, YourTable Cool and BakeOff. You can then create an individual look that reflects your store's personality using suitable materials and colors. All Vitable systems consist of the same feet and consoles in a variety of heights and depths, and can be purchased as gondolas or wall units with open or closed bodies.

In the closed version, the front section is an easy-to-open hygiene flap. All variants feature crate stoppers, which prevent the top IFCO crates from slipping when the lower section is being filled. Vitable is open to your architectural creativity and its modular nature allows it to be designed as individually as you like – the best basis for helping retailers increase product pressure and boost sales potential.

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