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Handheld, mobile, convertible


Convenient roller basket for quick purchases


The shopping cart lock is going digital

Mini markets

The supermarket in the hotel foyer

Mobile Basket Stand

Mobile storage unit that goes anywhere

Smart & Secure Trolley

Protection from unauthorized access

Smart Exit

Convenience and safety in the self-checkout zone

Stationary Basket Stand

Shop with ease, stack with style

TSS Shelving

Durable, versatile, and functional modular storage solution

wanzl connect®

Platform for the digitization of brick-and-mortar retail

"P" bargain table

The classic design, proven over many years.

"Table" bargain table

The flexible sales solution

AD 200

Promotional products in full view

AD 300

Secondary placement in the blink of an eye

Advertising media

Effective way to convey advertising messages

Airport Shopper ES

Ideal for escalators

Baby / child service

Solutions for family-friendly shopping

Bargain baskets

Easy to set up and quick to stow away

Basket presentation stands

Ideal for your fresh produce section

Bookshelves sorting cart

For order picking books and media

Bumper uprights/bollards

Sturdy demarcation

Cardboard packaging cart KT-VP2

For the provision of large packaging materials

Cardboard packaging trolley KT-VP1

For the provision of packing materials in a variety of different sizes

Classic checkout barrier

A true classic – proven thousands of times over