wire tech 100

A system for successful sales

  • The shelf with an appearance that combines elegance with simple practicality
  • Cost-effective assembly possible by a single unskilled worker without the need for tools
  • Symmetry can also be achieved when loaded

wire tech 100 from Wanzl is synonymous with a focus on the essentials and maximum economy. With a price-performance ratio that reflects current market conditions. wire tech 100 puts the focus on what really matters to your customers: your products. wire tech 100 will therefore reliably 'support' your turnover. wire tech 100 combines decades of experience; the "click" connection for shelves and shelf brackets is just one example. This not only enables quick assembly by a single unskilled worker without the need for tools, but also reduces the work involved in creating symmetry.

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wire tech 100
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wire tech 100 sale sheet (US)
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Lattice rear panel, wire shelves

Fine mesh back panel, glass shelves

Magnetic foil back panel, glass shelves

Wooden back panel, wooden shelves

Sheet metal back panel, sheet metal shelves

The trick with the click

The click wire shelves perfect the wire tech 100 shelving system. Quick hanging and rehanging, extremely high safety, loading capacity and stability – that is quality_MADE BY WANZL.

Product details

Simply more focused

Simply more focused
Greater merchandise density. Thanks to the subtle aesthetics of the new wire tech system, the eyes of customers moving through the store are automatically drawn to the most important thing you have on offer: the merchandise – your core competency.

Simply more enticing

Simply more enticing
The wire tech 100 wire shelves are extremely flat, uniquely delicate and elegant. This means that customers focus first and foremost on the products on the shelves. This boosts the urge to purchase and is the best basis for significantly increasing average customer receipts.

Simply easier

Simply easier
wire tech 100 boasts cost-saving handling: The system can be set up by just one person. No training or tools are needed for assembly. Even when creating symmetrical layouts, shelves can be attached complete with the shelf brackets.

Simply classic

Simply classic
wire tech 100 boasts a design full of classic elegance. The design of the slotted uprights is extremely subtle and underlines the perfect workmanship. Thanks to the 25 mm / 1 inch spacing, the shelves can be adjusted to an optimum height for the products. This ensures that the products are the center of attention, gives customers the impression that the goods are floating, and enables a significant increase in product density.

Central back panel creates 13% more sales space

It takes space to present merchandise attractively.
wire tech 100 gives you greater space efficiency over other sales systems. That pays off given increasing surface-area prices in the retail trade for every sales area.

This is how it works: The centrally mounted back panel in wire tech 100 puts your available space to optimum use. Where conventional shelving systems with front-mounted rear panels left space unused, wire tech 100 creates space for more merchandise and your turnover!



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