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Large transport and shopping carts are sometimes difficult to maneuver, and tight curves or blocked aisles can therefore present a real challenge to many customers. Collisions can occur frequently in retail stores and warehouses even when smooth-running casters are used, and the resulting damage can often be substantial. This can be quite annoying – and also quite unnecessary, as such damage can be prevented by using practical bumpers from Wanzl.

Bumper uprights/bollards

Sturdy demarcation

Deflector rings

Reliable protection in the event of careless handling of shopping carts

Guide bumpers offer an extremely effective solution that can be quickly implemented. These bumpers run along the shelves in sales areas and showrooms. They are firmly anchored to the floor and run just a few centimeters above it, thereby ensuring that customers with shopping carts don’t bump into the shelves or the merchandise on them. There are many different types of bumpers that can be used for this purpose. Another tried-and-tested principle here are robust ram protection hoops that can be placed in areas with high levels of customer traffic.

Protect sensitive areas effectively

Inattentive customers who frequently bump into refrigerator or freezer units can cause damage that can be costly. Wanzl has therefore developed a special bumper for freezer units that is designed to fit the units perfectly and can even be equipped with ventilation louvers. This ensures that the unit's operation is not impaired in any way, even while its sensitive components are effectively protected against impact.

Wanzl is able to adapt its bumpers in line with the specifications of various freezer unit manufacturers. Collisions are also a problem with security tag systems at store entrances and exits, but special protectors can effectively absorb the impact from shopping carts here. 

Bumpers for large areas

 Just about every warehouse or store has areas in which shopping or transport carts are not permitted – for example offices or toilet areas. Practical bollards from Wanzl have proven to be very effective here. They are clearly positioned so closely together that customers and employees immediately realize that carts are not permitted in the area beyond them. These protective bollards are available in diameters of 80 mm (3.1 inches) or 100 mm (3.9 inches) and are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel.