When we talk about 360° service, we really do mean 360°. We support you with our expertise for as long as you use our products. Our highly qualified employees are here to assist you, whether at the help desk or with a visit to your site. And our international service network provides global coverage. You benefit from our tailor-made services, a high level of availability for Wanzl original spare parts and our fast response times. Enjoy first-class service from the word go, with one-stop expert assistance.

Help desk/ technical support/ remote service

Wanzl can help with any problems you may have. Your friendly, experienced contact person will be happy to help over the phone or by e-mail during our opening hours, at no charge on the service hotline. If the issue can’t be resolved over the phone, we will arrange for a qualified service partner to visit you and provide on-site assistance. We take care of all the processes and organization relating to technical support. If software maintenance and control is possible via remote access, our remote service will carry out the necessary updates, resets, or re-configurations for you – saving you time and money.

Spare parts

Simply ask and we deliver – experts provide personalized advice and assist in selecting and ordering spare parts. Standard or express delivery is available to meet your requirements and to provide better capacity for your deadlines. Our wide range of spare parts from WANZL original parts to purchased parts, which can be selected from our easy-to-understand catalog, ensures excellent system availability. We will take care of the installation ourselves if necessary. Our dense international service network means that we are never far from our customers – ensuring that everything runs smoothly and guaranteeing a fast response if you need spare parts.

Disposal, cleaning, safety testing, conversion, maintenance/ repair

We specialize in keeping your business looking great. We ensure that your products retain their value in the long term, that they function reliably and that they are available when needed, with our ongoing maintenance and regular environmentally-friendly cleaning of equipment. Continual safety testing of your assets also guarantees an excellent level of system availability and prevents accidents before they can happen. We therefore not only give you financial certainty but also ongoing protection against third-party liability claims.


With Wanzl as a partner, you benefit from a universal, hassle-free service, with products you can trust. We guarantee regular maintenance, repairs and speedy supply of Wanzl original parts throughout a product’s service life – giving you reliable protection against claims for liability arising due to product-related accidents. At the end of the service life, we will happily take products back or supply you with new ones – in line with your requirements. Our all-in-leasing option allows you to avoid borrowing and tied-up capital – with excellent flexibility, steady liquidity, and operating expenses that don’t impact on your balance sheet. Our other services include risk minimization with preventive servicing and the option for guarantee extension. Our customers benefit from a one-stop personal leasing package.

Service contract

Individual and professional – our service contracts ensure collaboration you can trust. We work with you to develop individual service level agreements (SLAs) with defined conditions. You can choose the right services from various levels within your product areas to suit your needs. We offer reactive and preventive measures and the optional inclusion of additional components such as spare parts, wearing parts and rental equipment. The help desk, hotline and repair service are always there to assist you. We ensure that your products provide a long service life, with regular cleaning, maintenance and safety measures, plus a reliable guarantee.