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Classic customer guidance systems

Practical functionality – effective spatial organization

Colour Gate

An electronic entry system with LED lighting

Combi C400

A slim cart that fits through the tightest and busiest of spaces

Combi E300

A luggage cart for your fleet upgrade

Connery's Choice

The choice is yours!

Deflector rings

Reliable protection in the event of careless handling of shopping carts

Design 99 bargain table

Robust nature and stylish appearance

Easy 400

Small but high-quality cart for hand luggage

Easy 88

The basic airside shopping cart


Safety on escalators

Exit Gate

The way we pay today – self-checkout

Flower Island

The flower stand with new sales perspectives

Flower stand module

Island display for cut flowers, potted plants and accessories

Foldable bargain table mobile

Can be folded to save space

Gondola head superstructure and side panel

Striking presentation, better orientation

GR Clothes stands

Pared-down design with unsurpassed function

Guide rails

Collection point for luggage carts

Hang-in baskets

Endless and varied combination options

Hybrid HC20 Cart Series

Quieter, easier to push, with the durability of steel


Clear form and slim design

KT-T order picking cart

As a mobile workstation or for small order picking jobs

Light & design

Stage products and create shopping experiences

Lithium-ion batteries

5D series with slide-in holder

Mobile workstation

Ideal for inventory, incoming goods tasks, shipping or at assembly areas

MUC® 200

Ideal for a wide variety of transport tasks in specialty shops