BakeOff® light

Quick and easy access to baked goods

  • Easy handling for customers and staff
  • Enticing product presentation
  • Can be cleverly combined with BakeOff 3.0

Quick and easy access to baked goods

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BakeOff light
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Product details

New openness, times two

The BakeOff light offers a whole new openness – an optimized product range overview and easy handling for customers:


  • The shelf angle can also be adjusted to make sure products slide towards the front. The assortment is always presented to encourage impulse buying. Up to three different products can be offered on each level.


  • Baked goods are removed without barriers – the desired product is taken with the pastry tongs and placed in the paper bag. Easy, convenient and good.


The service level can be designed to your requirements with a cleaning module, supply drawer, paper bag dispenser or wood paneling.