Direct the flow of people, cordon off areas

For over 50 years, turnstiles, customer guidance systems and barriers have been a focal point of the Wanzl product range. Wanzl's innovative, high-quality security products are used where sensitive areas need to be secured against unauthorized access and at the same time authorized persons should have unrestricted access.


Our range

Galaxy Gate® 1.1

With its extra high safety glass swivel arms...

Galaxy Port

Galaxy Port access points open in two direct...

Vending unit V21

Your customers are bound to enjoy the simple...

EasyGo turnstile with V7/V21 ticket machine

EasyGo turnstiles with ticket machine. Guara...

Planning data

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Paris, FR
03/09/2024 - 03/10/2024
Köln, DE
04/11/2024 - 04/14/2024
  • hall 8
  • Stand C15
Essen, DE
09/17/2024 - 09/20/2024
  • hall 6
  • Stand F 38

Mahle Campus (D)

Galaxy Gates 1.1 from Wanzl ensure fast and automated access control

University of St. Gallen (CH)

More safety in sports facilities on the university campus

ELAN Sport Club, Wadgassen (D)

Complete conversion of a rehabilitation center into a high-end fitness studio