Premium is our aspiration. This applies to our products and services alike. Every detail has to be just right. That’s why we continuously test our products in advance and guarantee that you will only ever receive flawless equipment and systems from us. The installation and commissioning is carried out only by authorized, qualified professional staff from Wanzl. This is an essential part of ensuring compliance with all legal and official regulations, as well as perfect functionality. We also take care of retrofits, modernizations and alterations with our trusted Wanzl professionalism.

Assembly and installation

Wanzl offers you a comprehensive service – from planning to assembly and acceptance. Endurance tests ensure the technical quality and durability of the products in advance, whilst work schedules and resource plans ensure that the assembly process runs smoothly and according to plan. We provide compensation for errors on our part. Samples, Wanzl products and third-party products are assembled on site, and we also take care of the final commissioning and handover in person. We can also offer connection and integration into existing IT systems. A qualified expert will be on hand to advise you throughout the entire assembly and installation process – giving you legal certainty too.