Wanzl North America

Technibilt was founded in California, specializing in the manufacturing of shopping carts, backroom equipment, and hand trucks.


Early 80’s

Technibilt expanded its operations beyond California, marking a significant growth phase for the company.



Newton, NC became the home of a new Technibilt facility, setting the stage for further expansion and innovation.



Technibilt was acquired by Cari-All, a Canadian family-owned company. This acquisition marked a pivotal moment for Technibilt's future.



Technibilt introduced the innovative TECHSEAL® finish, utilizing e-coat paint technology, further establishing its reputation as an industry leader in shopping cart manufacturing.


Wanzl, from Leiphiem, Germany, acquired a portion of Technibilt providing new resources and expertise. The parent company, Wanzl, was founded in 1946 and is an owner-managed family company in its third generation, with over 4,600 employees, global production sites and sales outlets. Wanzl is the global leader in manufacturing shopping carts and enhances retailer’s customers’ shopping experience through superior solutions in design, innovation, and customer service.  Together, Wanzl offers over 100,000 products, solutions, and innovations.


Wanzl fully welcomed Technibilt into the Wanzl family enriching the legacy and history of innovation and sustainable leadership. With over 70 years of experience, Technibilt established itself as a trusted industry name. Headquartered in Newton, NC, and re-named Technibilt, a Wanzl company, the business has been a hub of growth and progress.


Technibilt, a Wanzl company, officially changes its name to Wanzl North America to reflect its alignment with the global Wanzl company.


Wanzl North America opened a larger warehouse in Lincolnton, NC, with a footprint 50% larger than the plant in Newton, NC, signaling a commitment to expansion and modernization.


Wanzl North America is relocating its headquarters and establishing an additional warehouse in Denver, NC. Plans for enhancing the manufacturing facility in Newton, NC are underway, demonstrating continued dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Wanzl Mexico is formally established in Querétaro, Mexico.