vino tech

Wines: best placement – superb presentation

  • Space-saving, three-step structure and simple, fast installation
  • Wall and gondola displays – can be extended as required
  • Various finishes and décors to choose from

A fine wine makes everyday life better and is the ultimate highlight for special occasions. Customers always put thought into buying a wine. They want information that is as specific as possible and, when making their selection in the shop, they would like to be guided quickly and easily to the type of wine that meets their taste and quality requirements. The wine display is designed to meet the needs of both the seller and the customer. Versatile in use, yet slim and space-saving, it attracts the attention of the buyer at the POS and combines well thought-out functionality with a sophisticated look in its three-level design.

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Product details

Individually combinable

vino tech not only offers a visually elegant and highly functional presentation solution, but also high quality materials and workmanship. Product design and execution complement each other to create an entirely convincing solution.

vino tech encourages impulse buying

vino tech offers the ideal solution for presenting quality wines according to their special requirements, in an eye-catching yet spatially efficient way. The presentation on the top shelf dominates the primary visual level. Here, the bottles are placed at an angle to ensure that the labels and inscriptions are easier to read. In the individual cells on the middle level, they are clearly arranged and individual bottles are easy to remove. On the lower level, there are boxes of bottles for the sale of large quantities. vino tech is available as a single-sided wall-mounted or double-sided gondola solution and can be extended as desired. Different finish and décor variants enable you to adapt the system to your individual sales areas in the best possible way.

Make your store stand out from the rest

Wanzl Shop Solutions can create a successful store concept for you. Carefully arranged wall and gondola elements give your sales area a unique atmosphere. By pairing your select wines with vino tech, you can create the perfect display area and raise your profile. Showing off your selection of wines with outstanding presentation will showcase your entire store at its best. With its clear design, perfect functionality and careful choice of materials, vino tech showcases your wine expertise perfectly.


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