Standards of conduct

For Wanzl, compliance means that all employees abide by the legal provisions, regulatory standards and other ethical standards and requirements set by the company itself. We have summarised the standards and values that apply to all Wanzl co-workers worldwide in the Wanzl Code of Conduct.

Responsible conduct towards co-workers, customers, business partners, the environment and society is the philosophy at Wanzl, and this is inextricably linked with the corporate identity. This reliability is a key reason why Wanzl has been a world leader for many decades and has become a partner to global customers and business partners.

As a family company, we are interested in maintaining a stable working relationship with our business partners, focussing on the exceptional quality of our deliveries and services and a clear commitment to fair conduct.

Learn about our standards and values and download the Wanzl Code of Conduct at:

Compliance / Wanzl Code of Conduct

Opportunity For All...

We work closely with BASE ( British Association for Supported Employment ) helping those far-removed from the job market to secure stable, sustainable work. Supporting BASE with their aims is a priority for us...

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Modern Slavery Statement
We value people above all else, constantly adhering to the highest global standards of ethical trading. To review our Modern Slavery policy, please click the link below.