Found an abandoned trolley?

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Please use the interactive form below to tell us exactly where the trolley is, and your local Trolleywise operative will come and get it as soon as they can. You can provide additional details and comments to assist our operatives using the additional details box.


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In order to use the abandoned trolley reporting tool, you will need to ensure that third party cookies are enabled. Please note that we do not collect or store any personal information within this tool.

Why Are We Needed?

Trolleywise is a specialised operation providing a range of retrieval services which help reduce shopping trolley losses from retail stores across the UK.

Apart from the costly loss of asset, trolleys are often abandoned in roads, on walkways and in parks with many are even dumped in local waterways, rivers and canals where they can cause harm to wildlife and the general environment. This is an unwelcome hazard to the public and under UK laws can attract substantial fines.

Do Your Bit!

Wanzl has launched a new initiative calling on members of the public to help report abandoned trolleys by downloading our free-to-use Trolleywise app. You simply take a photo using the app alerting the nearest Trolleywise collection team - we will then do the rest!

A Wheely Big Problem!

  • 520,000 abandoned shopping trolleys returned to UK supermarkets in 2017 (1,400 per day).
  • Industry estimates actual abandoned shopping trolley numbers closer to one million per year.
  • Cost to British business is £35m per year (more than £95,000 every day).
  • 40% of UK shoppers do not think there is a problem with trolley theft.

The Wanzl Way

We, at Wanzl, are committed to doing the right thing socially, ethically and environmentally and are calling on retailers and the pubic to help raise awareness of this issue by supporting our Trolleywise team in their mission to rid local areas, waterways, parks and communities of unsightly and hazardous abandoned shopping trolleys.