Industrial CLEANING

Prevention & Spread of Disease

In food preparation areas, nothing is more important than maintaining the highest possible standards of hygiene.

Our specialist deep cleaning services cover a wide range of catering equipment areas such as restaurants & cafes, Bakery Ovens, Rotisseries, Microwaves & Deep Fat Fryers. This subsequently ensures the best possible protection for your customers.

Making Your Stores More Appealing

Maintaining a clean and sane environment is key to ensuring your products remain the star of the show and subsequently appear more appealing to your customers.

Our teams ensure that your stores deliver a positive customer shopping experience in an inviting and enjoyable environment.

More Than Your Average Cleaners...

Our Team leave no surface untouched! Here is a list of the areas our service reach,

  • Food Preparation
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Deli Counters
  • Serve-over Counters
  • Self Service Counters
  • Hot Food Areas
  • Food Storage Areas


Bringing the Quality        Inside & Out

Wanzl are a trusted supplier of specialist multi-site retail contract cleaning services nationwide. Exterior cleaning services of building and facilities include facia, glazing, roofs, cladding, gutters and stonework.

Unsightly and unhygienic chewing gum removal is also offered, with bespoke cleaning equipment removing the gum and restoring a clean and original surface.

This service can also include the full cleaning of pavements and walkways.