Work Smarter, Not Harder...



Gone are the days of collecting and moving trolleys in small numbers by hand! With QuicKART, you will be able to collect and relocate more trolleys, more safely and more quickly...

Trolley Transporter

An ideal solution for collecting trolleys spread across large areas, ensuring your customers are never left without one when they need one. Lane guidance on the rear trailer ensures ease of unloading and loading, as well as keeping your assets still, safe and secure whilst in transit.

Trolley Trailer

With loading access from the side and rear, the detachable Trolley Trailer provides additional flexibility for safe and speedy trolley transporting.... making sure that no trolley is left behind!

Trolley Straps

The modern day lasso! Trolleys can run but they can’t hide... our trolley straps keep trolleys securely fastened together, giving users more control over their movement in volume.