Working with wanzl
What are you Waiting for...

You already know us...

Before now, you’d probably never heard of Wanzl, but perhaps without knowing it, you see and interact with us and with our products much more often than you would think!

Been to the supermarket lately? Yep, those trolleys and baskets are ours. Flown away on holiday lately? You guessed it – those luggage trolleys and vending stations are Wanzl too. Our work is on every high street, every retail park and in every airport in the land. It’s all around you!

We operate right at the forefront of the consumer experience, so wherever you like to spend your time and money, we’re right there in the background, making the magic happen.

About our work...

We work with the world’s favourite brands and retailers, delivering world-class retail and leisure environments which attract and inspire consumers. Our purpose is to help our customers achieve their business’ maximum potential. We do that by providing them with all the tools and services they need to enhance your shopping experience with them, optimise their operational flow and protect their people and assets.

We’re a lot bigger than you’d think as well… our team is made up of nearly 5,000 people and is based across over 30 countries all around the world! We’re the undisputed global market leader at what we do.

But we’re not interested in being the biggest – we want to be the BEST! That’s where you come in…

What kind of people are we?

Our company is all about our people – we could never have achieved everything we have without them.

Team Wanzl is truly unique! We’re a lively bunch of creative thinkers, passionate about our customers and delivering the best products and the best services for them. Our customers are at the coal face of consumerism, and we’re right there with them… it’s tough, but incredibly exciting!

Our industry isn’t for the faint-hearted – our team is resilient, diligent, enthusiastic and highly supportive of one another. We are pragmatic and curious – ready to question every part of our business and operations and find better ways of making things happen. We care about our customers, and we care about each other.

Yes, we do work hard, but we play even harder.

What kind of person are you?

Are you up for a challenge? Are you full of personality, ingenuity and enthusiasm? Are you hungry for development, fulfilment and a sense of purpose and belonging?

If so, you’ll be right at home with us - and we can’t wait to meet you!