Concept & Principle

  • The Reviva concept provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to new equipment production
  • The principle of ‘reusing’ as opposed to ‘recycling’ is the heart and soul of Reviva.
  • By continuing to use a product to perform the task it was originally intended for, the cost of conversion to waste is avoided or, at least, postponed.
  • Maximising the service life of valuable assets is eco-friendly and increases your return on investment in store equipment.

Rejecting The "Throw Away" Mentality  

Reviva branded products are supplied to some of the largest retail chains in the UK and gain further popularity as retailers seek maximum value from their assets. All Reviva branded products based on original Wanzl equipment are provided with a 36 month factory-backed warranty.

Assured Quality

  • Reviva gives your old steel equipment a new lease of life by prolonging the utility of your working retail assets.
  • Our reliable method strips equipment back to raw steel before resurfacing, leading to extensive reductions in CO2 output.
  • All substrates go through a rigorous process of surface preparation, removing impurities before the new surface coating is applied. This includes repair, cleaning, adhesion and anti-oxidisation treatments.

Good As New

One of these is a new trolley and the other a Reviva trolley - can't tell the difference?

Reason to revive:

  • Reduce capital outlay, improve return on investment and increase profitability.
  • Protect the environment, reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Award Winning Service

The Reviva concept is an award winning process after being awarded with the Surface Engineering Association Environmental Award. This was presented to Wanzl UK by Lord Hoyle at the House of Commons, in 2012.

All Reviva products, services and processes are certified to a BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

We are confident that the Reviva service will provide a sustainable and futuristic alternative to manufacturing and the disposal of good quality equipment.