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Wanzl tables: robust by nature, elegant in appearance and suitable for individual applications. These stationary or mobile multi-talented tables can perform any service right down to the finest detail: as a sales table or modular presentation system they ensure sales-boosting product presentation, as a room service table they help provide perfect service in hotels, as a desk they can move efficiently around offices and warehouses and as a practical disposal station they enable orderly logistics for recyclable materials. The modular Genesis cash desk provides excellent flexibility in the che...


Product presentation to boost impulse buying

"P" bargain table

The classic design, proven over many years.

"Table" bargain table

The flexible sales solution

Design 99 bargain table

Robust nature and stylish appearance

Disposal station

Service station with mobile disposal cart

Mobile workstation

Ideal for inventory, incoming goods tasks, shipping or at assembly areas

Promotion table

Mobile table that can quickly be put into action anywhere


The room-service table

TA9 and TA10 for Table and Design 99

For Table and Design 99 system discounts tables

Wire attachment

For P system bargain table

YourTable Switch

The all-rounder at the POS

YourTable® Cool

Cooled freshness – irresistibly presented

YourTable® Fresh

Enticing presentation of fresh produce