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The practical Wanzl transport baskets on castors have become a firm favourite in retail. They are used to carry goods reliably over short distances within company premises, in warehouses and shops. The wire baskets come in different sizes and versions, with optional covers. A padlock can also be fitted in the variant with a cover in order to store products safely inside for short periods. Transport baskets are especially suitable for products from a certain size or in outer packaging.

TK-D transport basket type 1/2

Mobile transport basket with lid

Transport basket TK-R

Mobile transport basket, open design with bumper

Small parts could fall through the grid. The mesh size of 35 x 90 mm must therefore be taken into consideration. 

On the move with lightweight and manoeuvrable transport baskets

Transport baskets are highly manoeuvrable on even and smooth floors, thanks to their four flexible rubber-coated castors. Depending on the model, volumes of up to 280 or 400 litres can be transported reliably from A to B. The high-gloss galvanised and chrome-plated finish means that Wanzl transport baskets are robust whilst also look appealing – in the warehouse as well as in sales areas.

Transport baskets specially developed for retail

Wanzl has recognised and grasped the specific needs of the retail sector with the development of its transport baskets.

The baskets in sizes up to a maximum of 950 x 710 x 940 mm / 37.4 x 28 x 37 inches (height x width x depth) can be easily manoeuvred even in cramped sales areas or warehouses. They also fit through any standard door. Transport baskets are largely used where goods were previously still carried by hand. The practical baskets mean that a number of processes and actions are no longer needed. This is in turn efficient, saves time for the employer and has ergonomic benefits for staff. A high-quality Wanzl basket guarantees a long service life, and therefore quickly provides a return on investment.

Alongside the transport baskets, Wanzl has developed numerous other practical baskets for retail, including many shopping baskets as well as special offer baskets for use in the sales area. Special hang-in baskets for shelves or stacking baskets are ideal for storage – each available in various sizes and material finishes.