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Exterior equipment

Successful selling begins in the car park – customers appreciate the convenience of shopping trolley shelters. Wanzl trolley shelters ensure perfectly orderly trolleys that are reliably protected against external influences. Of course, Wanzl trolley shelters can be individually adapted with regard to dimensions, shape and colour and are even available in CI design on request. Wanzl also offers shelters specifically for customers’ bicycles. A vast range of accessories is available for all shelters – from interior lighting to welcome signs.

Best Seller! - Eco Standard Shelter

Keeping your shopping trolleys safe and ready for your customers to use

Boom Pro

A simple and cost-effective solution for access regulation

Column Protectors

High quality and high aesthetic protection to structural features


Providing an unimposing, secure defense against unauthorised vehicle access

Easy Clamp Barrier Rail

Protecting customers and staff and guiding people flow

Eco 1.5 Trolley Shelter

The trolley shelter that can be fully customised to your requirements

Eco Cycle Shelter

Ensuring your customers' and team members' equipment is safe and protected.

Eco Narrow Shelter

Providing shelter in any space; big or small

Eco Smoker Shelter

Giving your team members a designated space

Eco Walkway

Keeping your customers safe on their journey to your store

External Bollards

Keeping walkways vehicle-free without hindering pedestrian access

Heavy Duty Cycle Shelter

Ensuring your customers and team members equipment has maximum protection.

Heavy Duty Protection Rail

Maximum protection for pedestrians against potential vehicle impact

Heavy Duty Smoker Shelter

Giving your team the most safe and protected space

Heavy Duty Walkway

Keeping your customers safe on their journey to your store

Racking Protection

Protecting back of house fixtures and reducing the risk of accidents

Row docking station for shopping trolleys

For docking shopping trolleys at the entrance or in a trolley shelter

Secure Pro

A highly impact-resistant solution to control vehicle and pedestrian access

Service Yard Bollards

Keeping pedestrians and building structures safe from potential vehicle impacts

Speed Pro

Ideal for regulating vehicle access in high-traffic environments

Trolley Bay & Bike Hoops

Keeping your customers' and colleagues' bicycles safe

Truck Wheel Stoppers & Guides

Safely guiding vehicles into loading bays

Walkway Protectors

Controlling foot traffic in high-risk areas