Smart Exit

Convenience and safety in the self-checkout zone

  • Monitors processes in the self-checkout zone
  • Verifies the scanning process by customers and the opening of the exit gate
  • Ensures a smooth exit

Smart Exit ensures that the checkout at the SCO can be configured with safety and convenience in mind. Wanzl AI and sensors monitor the self-checkout area, making shopping as convenient as it is safe. Wanzl AI sensors record, verify and manage processes in the SCO area. After paying at the SCO terminal, customers leave the store via the exit gate. They do not have to scan their receipt. Smart Exit communicates with all Wanzl exit gates and releases the exit.

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Smart Exit
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Product details

  • The system is easy to install, as no connection to the checkout system is required.
  • Coverage area per camera: 4.69 m x 2.95 m / 15.4 x 9.7 ft
    Overlap: 0.5 m / 1.6 ft
    Installation height: 3.5 m / 11.5 ft
  • Set of 2 cameras:
    5.40 m x 4.69 m / 17.7 x 15.4 ft = 269 ft² or
    2.95 m x 8.88 m / 9.7 x 29.1 ft = 279.9 ft²
  • Set of 4 cameras:
    5.40 m x 8.88 m / 17.7 x 29.1 ft = 516.7 ft² or
    4.69 m x 10.3 m / 15.4 x 33.8 ft = 519.9 ft²

Wanzl AI and sensor technology

Wanzl AI and sensor technology
The Smart Exit software communicates with all hardware components such as ceiling cameras and Wanzl gateways, while it takes care of recording, verifying and controlling all processes in the self-checkout zone.


Thanks to the practical dashboards, you always have the perfect overview of events in the checkout area. It is simple and intuitive for store personnel to use.

Software packages

Basic package
· Web interface
· Live overview
· Zone visualization
· Current SCO occupancy
· Customer release
· Exit gate control

Remote package
Basic +
· Remote maintenance
· Free updates

Wanzl Connect package
Remote +
· wanzl connect
· Dashboard
· Device status
· SCO analytics module with customer frequency and dwell time


  • 43" monitor for displaying
  • the Smart Exit Basic dashboard (EU plug)
  • Variable ceiling bracket 90 –157 cm / 35.4 – 61.8 inches for 43" monitor
  • Exit Gate in the Technoport, ColourGate, eGate, eGate Colour model series.
    Requirement: WENI (Wanzl Ethernet Interface)

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