YourTable® Fresh

Enticing presentation of fresh produce

  • Sales and presentation area can be expanded
  • Easy-to-use attachments and mobile elements
  • Units tailored to the dimensions of IFCO crates

YourTable Fresh is a versatile presentation system for fresh produce. The units can be customized with practical components to meet the store’s requirements and product range. The inclined shelves ensure convenient access and attractive presentation of products. Sliding elements below the table additionally expand the presentation area. YourTable Fresh provides optimal support in presenting crisp fresh fruit and vegetables, as if at a weekly market. Other product ranges can also be perfectly put in the spotlight with YourTable Fresh.

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Full catalog, Displays and sales equipment
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YourTable® Fresh
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Product details

YourTable Fresh presents fruit and vegetables just like at the market. Freshness and color stand out in a very special way, guaranteeing to grab the attention of customers and tempting them to buy. Be it as a standalone solution or arranged in rows – these mid-floor units add value to fruit and vegetable departments.

Inclined shelves for convenient access
Practical accessories tailored to the product range
Attractive product presentation in a compact space

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