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"P" bargain table

The classic design, proven over many years.

"Table" bargain table

The flexible sales solution

AD 100 Joy

Stylish long-term POS display system

AD 200

Promotional products in full view

AD 300

Secondary placement in the blink of an eye

Advertising media

Effective way to convey advertising messages

Alpha trolley shelter

The trolley shelter with a pitched roof angled to the rear

Baby/child service

Solutions for family-friendly shopping

BakeOff® 2.0/2.1

Keeps bread rolls fresh

BakeOff® 3.0

High level of hygiene

BakeOff® Display

Attractive presentation of baked goods

BakeOff® light

Quick and easy access to baked goods

Bargain basket

Easy to set up and quick to stow away

Basket presentation stands

Ideal for your fresh produce section

Basket stackers

For tidy storage of shopping baskets

Ben’s Cart

Less strain and better service for children with disabilities

Bike&CarEnergy charging station

A special service for more store traffic

Bumper for freezer units

Protection systems for AHT freezer units, Paris and Miami models

Bumper uprights/bollards

Sturdy demarcation

Calculation of length of stay

Provides valuable information for a wide range of benefits

Checkout Manager LAN

Checkout management system for controlling up to 80 checkouts.

Checkout Manager PRO

Checkout management system for controlling up to 10 checkouts.

City Shopper 2

Stylish, for stores with a chic touch

Classic checkout barrier

A true classic – proven thousands of times over