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Smart shop concepts from Wanzl

Megatrends directly influence retail shop concepts. Current developments include innovations in the field of mobility, the increasing relevance of connectivity when shopping and increasing urbanisation. What was modern just a few years ago is now considered outdated. In the future, new movements will appear even faster on the screen – and require swift action.

Wanzl has its eye on the megatrends: We respond to relevant developments and develop shop concepts that meet current social needs.

Future-oriented shopping

Urban stores

Urban stores are very much on-trend, and metropolitan areas continue to attract residents. This advanced shop concept is characterised by the following features:

  • in addition to everyday foods such as fruit, vegetables, bread and baked goods, ready-to-eat snacks and convenience dishes are also offered.
  • Coffee bars and seating areas in the store can become the central meeting point of the neighbourhood.
  • The design resembles the ambience of a modern lifestyle apartment: clear light-dark contrasts, pointed use of colour and elegant decorative elements such as real plants or unconventional lamps characterise the design.

The purchasing process itself is cashierless using smart systems, and the smartphone acts as a digital customer card. Store employees are available to offer advice, make sure the shelves are well-stocked, or to prepare fresh snacks.

Wanzl offers everything from a single source, from shop fittings to smart systems. Would you like to open an urban store? We’ll be happy to support you!

Quick shopping

Hard discount shops

The shop concept of a hard discount store is so popular mainly because purchases can be made in a structured and quick manner, with goods being reasonably priced. Innovative technologies ensure smooth and safe operation. Smartphones and scan trolleys are central to the concept. From scanning and payment to opening the exit system, all steps are performed digitally.

Wanzl takes a minimalist approach to equipping the hard discount stores, using simple shelving systems, sales baskets, and pallets. Light colours, bright lighting, and clear routes facilitate fast navigation through the store.

Our experts will be happy to provide you with further details on this shop concept.

Ideal for spontaneous purchases

24/7 self-service

This shop concept caters for short-term needs seven days a week and around the clock. Customers gain access by scanning a QR code in the operator’s app or a barcode on a store card. This is done twice – customers can then move freely through the store and make their selections from the product range.

The 24/7 self-service stores each have an individual look depending on their location and operator. They may be in a typical regional design at airports and train stations, the corporate design of a chain of chemists or a DIY store. Playful and detailed, or minimalist and simple: Wanzl creates just the right store interior.

Flexible and customisable

Mobile stores

Container mobile stores provide a flexible, space-saving and fully-fledged shopping environment. These small stores, which sell products for everyday use, can be designed, manufactured, assembled and commissioned within a short period of time. This shop concept is particularly well-suited for the following areas of application:

  • Rural environment
  • Highly frequented locations such as universities or company premises

Access is granted via customer card or app. The store features smart systems that are used during the purchasing process. After payment has been made with a credit card, debit card or customer account, the customer can use a QR code to exit the shop.

wanzl connect® is an innovative software system for implementing this shop concept. We also coordinate the design of the container mobile store to suit the respective target and product group.

The perfect solution for quick commerce

Dark stores

Wanzl has equal expertise in both retail and logistics. The “dark store” shop concept is concrete proof of this, with the warehouse serving as an anchor point. We offer the following products for the traditional process from goods receipt and order picking to goods dispatch:

  • Mobile workstation
  • Smart wearable scanners
  • Roll cages with nesting capability
  • AGV-capable order picking trolleys

Using high-quality Wanzl products ensures a smooth purchasing process.

Another option is to sell directly via vending machines at the warehouse. Goods ordered online can be brought on site to packing stations. They are then ready for customers to pick up at any time of day or night based on a QR code sent to them. 

Alternatively, interested buyers can visit the vending machine without pre-ordering and use the terminal to find out about the product range. If a suitable product is found, it can be ordered immediately and taken away if it is currently available.

Shopping with feel-good factor

Enjoyment markets

The counter-movement to wanting everything at an ever-increasing pace and as cheaply as possible is to shop in a store that is all about enjoyment. In addition to meeting demand, this shop concept is primarily about shopping as a social experience. Shoppers like to spend more time in enjoyment markets. They are informed about high-quality products and detailed advice on how to use them.

Innovative events such as social and show cooking are often held in such stores. Integrated gastronomic concepts further increase the attractiveness. It is important that customers feel completely at home in this shop concept – like they do in their own home or at the workplace.

Harmonious interior design is essential for this to succeed. With premium materials, artistically decorative arrangements, and exclusively designed goods presentations, Wanzl ensures visually impressive design.

Get inspired!

Successfully implemented shop concepts

Greater Toronto area becomes the top address for Canada’s craftsmen

Together with Wanzl, Würth opens first North American flagship store with 24/7 concept

Wanzl implements small-space concept for V-Markt

Large-scale operator opens first V-mini in Kaufbeuren

Wanzl and Bünting allow for more flexible shopping thanks to extended opening hours

The hybrid small-space Combi City concept in Emden allows customers to shop on their own during off-peak times

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