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Wanzle retail software for the retail sector

Only those who know their target group well can optimally align the development of a business and its processes with their customers’ needs. To support retailers in this, Wanzl offers retail software that can be used to control all the store’s processes. With wanzl connect®, processes in individual stores can be optimised, giving staff more time to advise customers.

Another advantage: wanzl connect® enables you to collect information about your customers. This data can be used to create tailored services for potential buyers.

Retail software details

wanzl connect®

The advanced wanzl connect® retail software comprises four components:

  • Inventory monitoring: To support inventory monitoring in the retail sector
  • Store management: For networking and managing in-store equipment – for optimal monitoring of each branch
  • Analytics: Data to monitor customer flows, such as comparison of multiple branches and maintenance recommendations for in-store inventory
  • Recommendations: Information for recommendations on how best to deploy your staff

Flexible use: The complete application or individual modules – you decide which parts of the software system you want to use in your store.

Everything at a glance!

Inventory monitoring in the retail sector with wanzl connect®

By equipping shopping trolleys or hand baskets with RFID tags, retailers can gain important information about the shopping behaviour of its customers in the store.

If customers agree to the shopping trolley being connected to their smartphone, customer-specific information can be obtained. Based on this, personalised coupons can be issued and further data such as the length of stay in the store can be collected. RFID tags also help to secure items and shopping trolleys.

Smart shopping trolley return

Trolley Return now replaces the coin deposit system: the return of shopping trolleys can be linked to a bonus system. Reward systems could include receipts for later purchases or competitions entries as well as donations for good causes.

Influence the purchasing process in a meaningful way

Monitoring, analysis & recommendation

Store Manager is a central platform for collecting relevant store data. Data from Wanzl products as well as from devices such as lighting control or deposit stations are stored centrally in the Wanzl cloud.

This information as well as further details can be processed using an analytical tool and used for evaluations of customer data or benchmarking. In addition, valuable recommendations can be derived from the data, such as for the optimisation of personnel requirements.

Advanced solutions

Wanzl – your partner for digitalisation

Wanzl offers even more software systems for automating workflows in numerous areas of application.

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Wanzl software systems in action

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