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Mitigating Retail Risks: Our Innovative Solutions Combat Shrinkage, Theft, and Staff Abuse!

Our Innovative Solutions Combat Shrinkage, Theft, and Staff Abuse!

The retail industry in the United Kingdom is a dynamic and challenging environment where businesses constantly strive to balance customer satisfaction with profitability. However, one of the most significant challenges retailers face is managing risks associated with shrinkage, theft, and staff abuse. These issues not only affect the bottom line but also the well-being of employees and the shopping experience of customers. Wanzl, a leading provider of retail solutions, has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges with innovative technologies designed to enhance security and operational efficiency.

The Cost of Shrinkage and Theft

Shrinkage, which includes theft, employee fraud, and inventory mismanagement, costs UK retailers almost £8 billion pounds annually. According to the British Retail Consortium's annual Retail Crime Survey, incidents of customer theft rose to 16.7 Million, up from 8 million. These figures underscore the need for effective risk management strategies to protect assets and ensure the sustainability of retail businesses.

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The Human Element: Staff Abuse

Retail staff are often on the front lines, facing not only the pressures of sales and customer service but also the risk of abuse and violence. The same survey reported just over 1,300 violent or abusive incidents per day, up from almost 870 the previous year. Such experiences can lead to decreased morale, vulnerability, high staff turnover, and a negative impact on the retail environment.




Wanzl’s Technological Solutions

Wanzl has recognised these challenges and developed a suite of products aimed at reducing risks while improving the overall shopping experience. Here's how their solutions are making a difference:


Entrance Control Systems:

Entrance Gates serve as a sophisticated entry management system that controls customer access while deterring opportunist thieves. These gates are designed to be welcoming to shoppers whilst forming a barrier against would-be thieves. By controlling the flow of traffic, they also help to monitor the quantity and density of customers in store, which is particularly useful for maintaining a safe environment during peak times or emergencies.


Checkout Gates:

Checkout Gates are a powerful component of Wanzl's risk management solutions. Positioned at the point of sale, these gates prevent unpaid merchandise from leaving the store. They can operate both on a standalone basis, or be integrated into the store’s ePOS systems, ensuring that customers are unable to exit via closed checkout lanes. This system not only reduces the opportunity for theft but also streamlines the checkout process, without compromising the customer experience.


Receipt Bar Code Verification Gates:

Receipt verification gates are an advanced addition to the self-checkout process. These gates are equipped with scanning technology that can quickly read and verify receipt barcodes to qualify purchases. This technology not only acts as a deterrent to theft but also frees up staff from manual security checks. Employees can then focus on providing better customer service and assistance around the store, which can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.


Secure Cabinet Fixtures:

Wanzl's secure merchandising cabinets offer an elegant yet robust solution for the protection of high-value products. Recognizing the allure these premium products have for thieves, our secure cabinets are designed with automatic locking mechanisms and durable materials that act as a deterrent to theft. The visually appealing design ensures that while the products are securely protected, they remain fully visible and well-presented to legitimate customers. This strategic balance of security and aesthetics not only helps to prevent losses due to theft but also enhances the shopping experience, encouraging customers to browse and purchase these high-margin items with confidence.


Asset tracking Solutions:

Wanzl's asset tracking solutions harness a range of technologies to give retailers real-time visibility of their assets and inventory locations. This system simplifies inventory management and bolsters security by pinpointing the exact location of products at all times. Retailers can quickly detect and address discrepancies and suspicious, unauthorised movements, further reducing the risk of theft and loss. Our streamlined asset tracking ensures efficient operations and enhanced protection for retail products.

Secure storage & Transport

Wanzl provides a comprehensive range of secure storage solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the retail sector. Our offerings include secure roll cages and trolleys for safe transportation and storage of goods. Secure equipment housings to safeguard essential tools and machinery, as well as secure interior and exterior shelters that provide protection against the elements and unauthorized access help to further protect retail assets. Each solution is crafted with high-quality materials and advanced locking mechanisms, ensuring that your assets are well-protected around the clock, at all points throughout the store fulfilment process.

The Impact on Retail Operations

The implementation of Wanzl's solutions has a profound impact on retail operations. By reducing shrinkage and theft, retailers can improve their profit margins and invest more in customer service and store improvements. Furthermore, the presence of these security measures can create a safer and more positive work environment for staff, reducing incidents of abuse and improving staff retention.


Risk management in the retail industry is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. Wanzl's innovative solutions, such as entrance control systems, checkout gates, and receipt verification gates, offer retailers a way to combat shrinkage, theft, and staff abuse effectively. By integrating these systems into their operations, retailers can not only protect their assets but also enhance the shopping experience for their customers and create a better working environment for their employees.