The shopping cart lock is going digital

Contactless payment methods are becoming more and more common in the food retail sector. The shopping cart can also be unlocked cashlessly from now on. With the integration into the retailer app, customers can unlock the shopping cart and the shopping experience can begin. Customer-related services such as current offers or a reward for
returning the shopping cart can also be made available via the app. Customers who prefer to use coins can also stick to their habits with this deposit lock.

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To open the lock, the smartphone is held briefly over the activation field when the app is open or closed. The mechanism of the lock opens and shopping can begin. The technology is based on near-field communication (NFC), similar to mobile payments.



People can be incentivized to return the shopping carts with e.g. digital vouchers for their next purchase or donations made to charities.

Perfect integration


The Hybridloc electronic deposit lock is perfectly integrated into the Wanzl EvoGrip handle system.

Integration in retailer and store apps


The Hybridloc functions can be integrated into the respective retailer and store apps via the Software Development Kit (SDK) and thus provide valuable additional features for the customer.