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They just keep on rolling: Wanzl trolleys are designed for the long haul. Always unique in terms of quality, technology, functionality, ergonomics and design – Wanzl trolleys operate continuously without fault to offer customers the highest quality service. This is ensured by the maintenance-free, genuine Wanzl castors. Whether the product is for shopping, transporting, order picking, collecting and sorting or providing a service: Wanzl is always committed to customer service. That’s a promise!

Advertising media

Effective way to convey advertising messages

Aera® 300 A

Elegant appearance

Aera® 300 L

The stylish luggage transport trolley

Airport-Shopper ES

Ideal for escalators

Airport-Shopper NG

Attractive and timeless design

Baby/child service

Solutions for family-friendly shopping

Basket stackers

For tidy storage of shopping baskets

Ben’s Cart

Less strain and better service for children with disabilities

Bookshelves sorting trolley

For order picking books and media

Bottle trolley

Mobile, space-saving bottle trolley

Box container

For collective transport of empty boxes and crates