Mahle Campus (D)

Galaxy Gates 1.1 from Wanzl ensure fast and automated access control

MAHLE products are installed in every second vehicle worldwide. Founded in Stuttgart in 1920, the technology group is now one of the 20 largest automotive suppliers in the world. At MAHLE’s headquarters alone, the Campus in Stuttgart’s Bad Cannstatt district, there are around 1,400 employees working on tomorrow’s climate-neutral mobility focusing on electromobility, thermal management, and green combustion engines. Information security and data protection are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry – especially for suppliers. Together with the architectural firm SCHATZ projectplan GmbH, MAHLE therefore developed a comprehensive security concept for its Stuttgart Campus to control individual access by employees, guests, and suppliers. Fully automated access gates from Wanzl Access Solutions will replace the previous access control systems consisting of locks and security personnel at all building entrances and in the foyer.

Safety concept

“One of the particular challenges of the project was the different access situations at the Campus, as well as the interfaces between public spaces and zones with higher security requirements,” explains Rüdiger Wetzel, Construction Project Manager at MAHLE, explaining the special features of the security concept. Daniel Kah, the architect at SCHATZ projectplan, explains: “From an architectural point of view, it was important for us to consider the site’s security-related processes and toe the fine line between maximum security and user-friendliness.” With its innovative products, access expert Wanzl made this additional security a reality, complete with intuitive and easy handling. “With our stylish Galaxy Gates 1.1 and Galaxy Ports, as well as an Atlas pedestrian door and an Atlas turnstile, we ensure authorized, efficient, and fast access at all building entrances to the MAHLE Campus. In addition, as part of the Wanzl project, a connection for an external sliding door and barrier was prepared,” says Andreas Fischer, Senior Manager Sales Access Solutions at Wanzl. While employees have a personal employee identity card, guests receive a visitor identity card after registering at the main gate. Authentication at the turnstiles installed in each building, and which are accessible for one person at a time, only grants access to authorized persons. As part of the safety concept, the entire entrance area was also redesigned. The technical planning for this took into account the safety guidelines of TISAX®, the test standard of the German Association of the Automotive Industry. “The access gates from Wanzl meet the highest security standards thanks to the use of state-of-the-art sensor technology. This sensor system detects if a person is attempting to gain unauthorized access. For example, unauthorized opening, forceful pushing through, or crawling under is indicated by means of a light and acoustic signal. The Galaxy Gates 1.1 thus offer maximum protection for the MAHLE Campus, as only authorized persons have access to the respective buildings,” explains Andreas Fischer.

Structural requirements

“The structural conditions and installation situations played a major role in deciding to use Wanzl access gates,” reports architect Daniel Kah and continues: “The security concept specified a 1.20 m / 3.9 ft clear opening for the access systems to enable access to the building by employees, guests, and suppliers. It also has to ensure escape routes to the outside from the inside. An additional challenge here was to integrate all turnstile systems into existing buildings without hampering operations.” Wanzl’s access control systems can be tailored to meet individual height and width requirements. In addition, the opening angle of the toughened safety glass swivel arms can be adjusted to different passage widths. “To allow for the standard passage of individuals, the opening angle of the Galaxy Gates 1.1 is configured to 60 degrees. However, if a delivery person needs to pass through the gate, the opening can be adjusted to 90 degrees,” says Andreas Fischer. “In the event of an emergency, the opening or closing movement is immediately interrupted to protect people and property and ensure greater safety.”

New reception area

“The reception area is the first impression a visitor has of a location,” explains Daniel Kah, listing the factors that play a role in this: “The functionality, design, and flow of the reception can determine how the visit progresses. As an architect, I can influence this with my planning and thus take on a big responsibility for the company’s interaction with its guests.” After the limited tender, Daniel Kah and the MAHLE project team decided in favor of Wanzl access systems, as they offer many design options in addition to special structural solutions. Compliance with MAHLE’s corporate colors was a decisive prerequisite for choosing the right access systems. MAHLE has developed a uniform color and design concept for the main entrance in line with the existing CI. “The entrance area should look modern, friendly and welcoming while at the same time exuding the professionalism and innovative power of a technology group,” explains Rüdiger Wetzel. “Access systems should therefore fit into the overall picture and not appear as a barrier. This has been wonderfully achieved thanks to Wanzl’s many color and material options.”

Collaboration with Wanzl

With the help of the access gates from Wanzl Access Solutions, the planned security concept was implemented at the MAHLE Campus in Stuttgart, and the required standards for information security and data protection are guaranteed by seamless employee and visitor authentication. “I found the cooperation with Wanzl project manager Markus Hebel particularly positive, as he always had an adequate solution ready for difficult structural complications,” emphasized Daniel Kah and Rüdiger Wetzel added: “Together with our sales contact at Wanzl Access Solutions, Andreas Fischer, we had a strong team that was able to conclude this project with a very comfortable result. Should more separation systems be needed at MAHLE, we will certainly contact Wanzl.”