Riegel Centre, Augsburg (E)

Increased customer satisfaction thanks to well-maintained toilet facilities

The Riegel Centre wanted to provide well-maintained toilet facilities for all visitors to the shopping centre. The best way of doing this proved to be the EasyGo turnstiles from Wanzl, which helps provide more up-to-date and user-friendly bathroom facilities. The complete solution appealed the most, with the combination of turnstile and integrated ticket machine allowing toilet facilities to be used only by welcome customers. The system’s adaptability to individual requirements is a major benefit. Partitions and additional access doors for small children or wheelchair users allow flexible installation.

“The advantages of the new access control system are already evident. Thanks to the EasyGo access barrier, unwanted visitors who used to come in and trash the toilets are a thing of the past.”
Siggi Riegel, Riegel Center