Marks & Spencer (GB)

Appealing natural ambience with quality promises on display

"Good", "Fresh", "Hot" – at Marks & Spencer in the London suburb of Clapham, the quality promises for the displays in the individual segments are clearly visibly affixed to the wall. In different variants but always as an eye-catcher, they provide orientation and generate a positive shopping feeling. The rest of the store's design is open, puristic and natural: black steel is paired with light-coloured wood, highlighting the quality of the products.

Be it golden-yellow baked goods, elegantly packaged coffee or fine wines in dark glass bottles – the simple but high-quality wood of the shelving systems gives them all a stage on which they alone are the star. For instance, a lovingly designed coffee bar with the invitation to "take a sip" tempts customers to taste the products on display right there on the spot.
The lettering "FROZEN" in a cool light adorns the frozen food section, whilst the delicatessen counter is reminiscent of an open treasure chest with its cheese and wine bottles positioned on boxes.

The wine department exudes the flair of a fashionable London bar when the dim light of illuminated symbols and lettering is reflected in the heavy metal pipes on the ceiling. Red brick, wooden boxes and black shelving systems create a relaxed atmosphere, in front of which a large sign interacts with the customer by inviting them to find the right variety with "Find your perfect match". Behind it, ice-cold chilled drinks invite customers to grab a drink.