EDEKA Bauer, Münnerstadt (E)

Clean toilets and additional income

For many EDEKA store operators, the EasyGo system from Wanzl is the right choice to bring their toilet facilities up to scratch. This reliable access control system goes a long way towards quickly recouping any investment costs. That is certainly the case at EDEKA Bauer in Münnerstadt. Back in 2019, the EasyGo turnstile with integrated ticket machines was installed here – a decision with reliable and profitable results, not to mention the added benefits to supermarkets offered by customised access controls. These benefits include integration of the store’s own swivel gates as a personnel passage or for transporting goods.

“EasyGo was the best decision we could have taken. The cost will be recouped within the next few months and the additional income from the voucher system makes a real difference.”
Elmar Bauer, EDEKA Bauer