Galaxy Gate 1.1

New features for added safety

With the introduction of its fully automated Galaxy Gate access gate in 2017, Wanzl not only raised security-related aspects of building access to a new level, but also its design. Since then, numerous office complexes, administration buildings, swimming pools, gyms and clinics have relied on the smooth efficiency of the Galaxy Gate to check access authorisations. Not only are the access gates reliable, they are also easy to use and stylish in appearance. "With the Galaxy Gate, we have succeeded in meeting our own high standards and, above all, the high demands of our customers. Passing through a fully automatic access control gate has to be quick and uncomplicated. Visitors must nevertheless feel safe and the access gates must also look good – and we have ticked both these boxes. Still, we are not content with resting on our laurels, but have continued to work on process optimisation. And this has resulted in the development of the Galaxy Gate 1.1, the next generation of security gates with many new and enhanced features," explains Andreas Fischer, Senior Manager Sales Wanzl Access Solutions.

One of the new technological enhancements offered by the new Galaxy Gate is an extension of the swivel arms of toughened safety glass to a height of 1,800 mm. This makes it even more difficult for anyone without authorisation to climb over the gate. What is more, the opening angle can be set to different passage widths quickly and digitally using the new Access Manager. To allow for the standard passage of individuals, the opening angle is configured to 60°. However, if a delivery person or someone with a wheelchair or pushchair needs to pass through the gate, the opening can be adjusted to 90°. In the event of an emergency, the opening or closing movement is immediately interrupted in order to protect people and property and ensure greater safety. This is supported by an increase in the number of light barriers from three to 53 in the entire passage area. This ensures that movements and malfunctions are identified more quickly and very reliably. "The newly integrated, intelligent sensor system immediately detects malfunctions or unauthorised access. Whether attempts are made to hold the gates open, to crawl under, climb over or push them open; each of these violations triggers an alarm. The sensors also detect if someone tries to pass through the gate from the other direction while an authorised individual is entering. The same goes for tailgating – when someone without authorisation attempts to follow an individual who has access authorisation through the gate. Wanzl offers maximum protection for people passing through the system," says Andreas Fischer, explaining the highly sensitive sensor technology. Another new feature is a special mode that can be activated to allow cleaning and service personnel to remain in the gate area for longer periods.

Visually, the Galaxy Gate 1.1 impresses with a continuous moving light at the top of the gate, which lights up in different colours to indicate both the operating status of the system and the release as an individual passes through. When the system is operational, the light is green and a green arrow is displayed below the card reader on the front of the gate. If the system is not operational, the moving light is red and a red cross will appear on the front. Thanks to the new colour concept, the passage status of the system can be clearly seen well in advance, thus preventing unintended counterflows.

In addition to the visual enhancements to the Galaxy Gate, the software has also undergone a significant update. The Wanzl Access Manager makes the Galaxy Gate 1.1 one of the most modern access control systems on the market. With this new feature, the entire entrance area is visualised in real time, activities are logged and statistics on alarms, visitor numbers and passages can also be retrieved. It is also possible to integrate all existing access systems into the Access Manager. Simple remote diagnostics and software updates can be performed via remote access and service technicians can also access the gates. Available as an optional feature, it is possible to install a random generator that randomly blocks access every so often, for example to allow random bag searches to be carried out. Installing a Wanzl 3D People Counter allows the total number of people entering to be set to an individual limit. The system counts the number of people entering and leaving the building. Once the maximum number has been reached, the gate will not open again until someone leaves the building.
The innovative technology of the Galaxy Gate 1.1 in conjunction with Wanzl Access Manager means that technically demanding projects can be implemented by integrating hardware and software. The new software features offer greater security and convenience for everyone involved. Furthermore, the gates are made in Germany, guaranteeing the high Wanzl quality standard.