From housekeeping trolleys to the hotel mini-market

Wanzl Hotel Service is showcasing intelligent and holistic solutions for the hotel industry at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg

For housekeeping as well as the restaurant, lobby or back office: with its broad product portfolio, Wanzl is a key equipment supplier to the international hotel industry. At Internorga 2023, the company from Germany's southern state of Bavaria will not only showcase its extensive product range, but also present completely new solutions. For instance, Wanzl Hotel Service is responding even more specifically to the individual requirements of customers with its redesigned Mundus housekeeping trolley. The new design concept not only gives hoteliers more freedom in terms of personal configuration.

It also enables the flexible use of the trolley in different hotel areas, such as public areas or the hotel terrace. At the same time, Wanzl is introducing an adapted product range that lends flexibility in responding to what customes want. Another main focus at the stand is a current trend in the hotel industry: mini-markets. At Internorga, Wanzl will be demonstrating how hoteliers can implement their own shop – with or without staff. Based on a flexible modular system, the market leader in the retail sector offers customised solutions for every hotel category. Products for use “behind the scenes”, including order picking and handcarts, as well as solutions for transporting luggage, will also be exhibited at the trade fair.

Mundus housekeeping trolley: redeisgned for even more variability

In future, Wanzl will be exclusively using a lightweight yet stable aluminium structure for the Mundus, as well as shelf brackets that are easier to change and still provide a secure hold. The trolley's well-known and popular variability is still guaranteed with a variety of side attachments. These are now easier to replace and fit, yet still compatible with previous Mundus models. Wanzl customers can also choose from four different sizes as well as three decors and frame colours for custom configuration. By enhancing the Mundus, Wanzl has made the product range more flexible to be able to better meet different customer requirements in terms of price, availability and degree of customisation.


In addition to the preconfigured stock variant and the customised design, which offers a wider range of colours and decors, customers will have the option of a “quick delivery programme” in future: ready-assembled trolleys in two selected decors and frame colours can be customised with selected accessories. The new Mundus is then ready for dispatch within 15 working days.

Customised shop concepts

The hotel mini-market has become a trend in the hotel industry, because with a well-planned shop, hoteliers can offer their guests a higher quality of service and accommodation and can tap into additional sales potential for their hotel. Thanks to its extensive knowledge as the market leader for custom retail solutions, Wanzl is the ideal partner for planning and implementing a customised mini-market. The basis for this is a modular system that has proven itself in retail for many years, which means the portfolio of Wanzl Hotel Services covers all relevant components from individual elements to comprehensive shop concepts – always taking into account local conditions, the interior design of the hotel, the available budget and other customer wishes. Thanks to Wanzl’s digital access and billing systems, control and monitoring is even possible 24/7 without the need for staff.

Products for every area of the hotel

As a holistic solution provider, Wanzl will also be presenting its large product portfolio for use behind the scenes at Internorga. The KT3 order picking trolley and the KX 290 handcart are just a selection. For transporting luggage, Wanzl will exhibit the "Lobby" model in sleek black and the elegant "Aera 300" variant.