Material Handling

Customise the perfect order picking trolley

With Wanzl’s new online configurator, you can create your trolley according to your own desires

Wanzl's online configurator for the classic KT3 order picking trolley has been available on its website since November. With the online modular system, which offers a wide range of equipment options, everyone can put together their own individual product and view it on the screen in real time. The tool inspires new ideas, defines what is possible and makes planning a whole lot easier – a great service. To optimise processes in warehouses or production facilities, Wanzl offers the KT3 order picking trolley with countless accessories. Everyone can now design their perfect trolley for every requirement in the new online configurator. There is a wide variety of designs available: all the different variants and combinations in the three sections of structure, shelves and accessories can be tested, discarded and redesigned. The selected components can be seen directly on the 3D model on the screen. The 360-degree view and zoom function can be controlled intuitively on the PC with a mouse or on a touchscreen smartphone.

The right trolley for every purpose

The KT3 online configurator lets the user create their customised trolley on the basis of three design sections. The base model is a chassis made of square tubing with a welded bottom tray and side frame, also made of square tubing with wire mesh. They are inserted into the chassis and screwed into place. The base trolley is high-gloss galvanised chrome-plated as standard. Four original Wanzl swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm and a rubber tread ensure the trolley’s manoeuvrability. The size of the trolley is adjusted in the “Structure” section. A width of 467 mm is particularly suitable for narrow aisles. For many or large items, a trolley with a length of up to 1,713 mm can be selected. The KT3 can be produced in two different heights: 1,630 mm and 1,830 mm. Not only is the size variable, the castors can also be customised. The user can choose between four swivel castors, two swivel castors and two fixed castors or four swivel castors with two brakes, depending on how agile the order picking trolley should be.

The user can then add shelves to the trolley in the next step. In the case of static elements, the product range offers connecting tubes or wire shelves that are screwed in at the top end between the two side sections. Other options include shelves for screwing in or a mesh back panel, which also prevents goods from slipping through. If the trolley has a load exceeding 50 kg, at least one static element is required for stability. For more storage space, additional shelves for hooking in can be added. Here, the user can choose between four options, which differ in the raised edge (25 mm or 100 mm) and the material (wire mesh or wood). Once the basic structure of the order picking trolley has been created, the accessories can be added. Handles make it easier to steer the trolley. These are made of steel tube and are coated with plastic. They are available in ultramarine blue and flame red. If the trolley must be rotated 360 degrees on the spot, a 5th castor can be added. A handy writing board attached to the outside of the side panel helps with more structured workflows. It has a terminal strip and the angle can be adjusted. Lockable doors can also be added in combination with a rear mesh panel to safely transport valuable products on the trolley.

Want more?

In addition to structure, shelving and accessories, the configurator also offers other benefits. Additional elements can be selected in the “Extras” section for trolleys with special requirements: from antistatic tape to a clothes rail, the customer can add a variety of different parts. They can then be found on the parts list. Using augmented reality, the configurator can display the trolley in a real space. This service can easily be used on a smartphone or tablet. At the press of a button, the configurator also displays a relevant parts list or the dimensions of the custom-designed trolley. 

After the user has designed the perfect order picking trolley in the configurator, the next step is to send this design directly to Wanzl as an enquiry. The Wanzl team will check how quickly the configuration can be implemented and contact the customer to discuss the next steps. If you want to only use the offer at a later stage, you can save the draft as a PDF for download. Wanzl also includes a list of all the design components.