Upgrade your warehouse

From goods receipt to shipping


In the Logistics and Industry sector, Wanzl is known for its durable wire order picking carts and roll cages. Our stackable pallet boxes quickly and cost-effectively expand existing storage areas. Also, with our mobile workstation featuring a powerful battery, employees in storage and production avoid inconvenient walking distances back to the office.
But, we can do even more…  

Safe access to the premises and sensitive locations


Benefit from our many years of expertise in the field of access control: Our portal turnstiles, for example, control secure access to the outdoor area of company premises. And, to prevent inventory differences in the warehouse, we recommend our Galaxy Gate access gate combined with a metal detector.  

Planning and shop fitting offices and social spaces


Our interior designers create contemporary spaces for a feeling of well-being – appealing and inspiring and, for social spaces, relaxing. Delight professionals with a modern working environment that meets both the economic requirements and the needs of employees.

Staff-free 24/7 shops


Depending on the location and size of the distribution center, a connected 24/7 shop can be added in which customers can buy and take the warehouse products with them directly if required. Or you can offer your employees a small mini market with ready-to-eat snacks, drinks, and selected pharmacy products instead of bland snack machines. We are your expert for 24/7 shop projects, both for permanent or even just temporary staff-free operation.