24/7 mini markets: Buy what you need at the campsite

Flexible, space-saving and fully assembled

Wanzl offers mobile shop containers as an economical complete solution for providing guests with what they need. Whether you’re in a camper van, caravan or tent, a camping vacation means freedom, adventure, and simply staying wherever you want. However, whether you’re on a stopover as part of a long road trip or spending a longer vacation at the campsite, purchasing everyday items generally entails a trip to the supermarket away from the campsite. Wanzl, the market leader for customized retail solutions, offers an optimum solution for this with the 24/7 mini market. The ingenious concept? The entire shop is housed in a mobile container, which is planned, implemented and installed by Wanzl as a complete solution.

Instead of using a building of their own, the operator only needs a suitable site on their property, thus eliminating the costs for constructing or converting a building. Several different designs are available to choose from for the basic module of the 24/7 mini market. The container is then custom-designed based on a modular equipment concept and delivered to the destination by truck. The shop is installed on site and ready to be stocked with goods in a single day. Another advantage is that, thanks to Wanzl’s digital solutions for access control and payment, no cashiers are required for the 24/7 mini market. Customers gain access to the store after registration and with a guest card or smartphone app. They can then scan and pay for the items themselves using their smartphone or at the self-checkout at the exit.

Functionality, flexibility and high-quality product presentation are crucial for a successful shop concept. “With our 24/7 mini market solution for campsites, guests can enjoy a fully-fledged shopping world in a short period of time – without additional costs and effort for the operator to provide suitable premises. Local conditions, existing budgets and individual equipment and design requirements as well as the desired product range can be optimally accommodated with this shop concept,” explains Alexander Hannekum, Business Development Manager – 24/7 Hotel Mini Market at Wanzl Hotel Services.

The 24/7 mini market container does not require much space and can be installed wherever it is most easily accessible for vacationers. Wanzl uses a modular system for its interior fittings, which has proven itself in retail for years: The extensive modular system offers all the components required for a shop, from various shelves and the BakeOff display for baked goods, sandwiches or sweet treats, to the matching coffee station and refrigeration units for ice cream, smoothies, or soft drinks. If the shop is to be operated temporarily or completely without personnel, Wanzl’s digital solutions for access systems, control, and monitoring of the 24/7 mini market and self-checkout are used. “We are often asked what the advantages are of running a mini market instead of relying on a service provider. For us, the benefits are obvious. Firstly, the sales generated with the shop remain within the company. Secondly, the operator can freely choose the product range and thus optimally meet the needs of their guests for an even better quality of stay,” says Hannekum.