Product innovations

Smart Trolley

Record your purchase when placing it into the shopping trolley, thus skipping the time-consuming checkout altogether: wouldn't that be great? Our Smart Trolley makes this vision a reality in an easy way. Using the integrated scanner, the customer can record the individual items they take off the shelves and, with the display integrated in the handle, keep track of their purchases and the final amount to be paid. Artificial intelligence monitors whether the scanned items match the items placed in the trolley. The customer and operator save time and effort as there is no need to wait and repack at the checkout.


Thanks to the extensive use of smartphones, coin-operated removal and return of shopping trolleys will probably soon be a thing of the past. Our hybrid lock and the related operator app will also control the coin deposit system digitally in the future. Clear advantage for the store operator: By using the app, they have another channel through which they can automatically provide their customers with the desired information or advertising content before the customer enters the store.

Smartfix NFC

Not least because of the original apps that many store operators now offer for use at the point of sale, smartphones are increasingly becoming an indispensable companion when shopping. With the SmartFix NFC, Wanzl has developed a solution which customers can use to secure their smartphones to the handlebar of their shopping trolley with anti-theft protection.
This also makes it possible to use a camera for Scan&Go applications.


The Rumba is a new generation of shopping trolleys with maximum mobility. Its main feature is the handle profile that surrounds the basket completely. This allows the trolley to be pushed or pulled from or in any direction. Further advantages: A shallow stacking depth and a basket volume of 120 litres, in which customers can store a surprising number of items. The Rumba comes with a built-in child safety seat as standard.


As a recognised specialist for shopping trolleys and baskets, Wanzl has developed one of the first smart shopping baskets with its SmartBasket. The SmartBasket’s control unit is its permanently installed scanning module with integrated display. This allows customers’ purchases to be recorded manually while they are being placed in the shopping basket. The modular approach of the SmartBasket allows individual upgrades or downgrades.


Colour and freshness – this is how store operators in the fruit and vegetable department score points with their shoppers. We have expanded the modular and adaptable Vitable system with a variable level. This means that you now have a swivelling shelf in the base for even more efficient use of your sales area! The combinable LED lighting also ensures optimal and shadow-free presentation.

wire tech 100 i

State-of-the-art technology also makes it possible to equip shelves in such a way that they not only function as goods carriers, but also as sensors. The key feature here is that wire tech 100 i shelves can precisely record the current change in stock across their entire area.
Out-of-stock situations are thus effectively avoided, as the goods can always be replenished in good time.

BakeOff i

With the highest standards of hygiene safety and ease of use and the high product density that they offer, Wanzl BakeOff modules have already established themselves as a benchmark in their product area. By adding an innovative inventory measurement system, you can now analyse and design your baking processes even more efficiently and in line with your needs in terms of sales and handling of goods.

BakeOff 3.0 Hot

The BakeOff module from Wanzl has established itself as a standard model for the presentation of baked goods. The current BakeOff 3.0 Hot version combines a display that is unrivalled in terms of product density, separation and transparency with optimal, hygienically flawless soft-closing handling. The optional supplement is the convenience module “Hot”. Hot ensures that the deliciously presented bread rolls, doughnuts or pretzels can be picked up and eaten warm.

Sliding door

For the first time, store operators now have the opportunity to install our newly developed sliding doors "made by Wanzl" in their entrance and exit areas, to give their customers more freedom of movement in this zone and to make optimum use of the available space. Whether transparent or individual surface design, our sliding door offers a wide range of customisation options in terms of design as well as customisable software.

Wanzl Connect®

Wanzl connect® provides store operators with a wide range of different options for digitally controlling their purchasing processes and gathering a whole range of sales-related data about their customers’ shopping patterns. Whether recording data with our Trolley Counting module, Smart Exit or controlling our innovative shop formats – wanzl connect brings all of these digital processes together so that they can be controlled, monitored and recorded centrally with ease of use. Another feature of wanzl connect® is the wide variety of solutions it offers store operators.

SCO solution with Exit Gate

The combined solution of Exit Gate and SCO is the perfect combination for making optimum use of small areas and enabling a smooth checkout process for customers. In addition, the necessary components, installation effort and on-site preparations are reduced to a minimum.

Smart Exit

At the heart of our Smart Exit solution is AI control and sensor technology. It not only makes the checkout process convenient for your customers and without unnecessary delays, but also makes it possible to dispense with the previously necessary receipts. The local dashboard enables the SCO zone to be monitored live and it allows control of the Exit Gates. In combination with our visualizer, this is an optimal solution for reducing inventory differences.

Terminal V21

Interactivity is the magic word that best sums up the capabilities of our V21 terminal. Equipped with a full HD multi-touch display and LED light control, it offers all options for immediate, intuitive communication with its users. Among other things, it has proven its worth as a parking space manager. There, it acts at the centre of complete operator solutions (including with barrier-free parking and cashless payment), which can be implemented without staff and with minimal technical effort.

NG mobile workstation

Mobility is freedom – mobility is speed.
Wanzl has set up mobile workstations to expand these freedoms and increase working speed. No matter where you are, the NG mobile workstation follows you: with a workstation, printer and scanner at goods receiving, during inventory and order picking – all height-adjustable and battery-operated.

KT lift

The quality of order picking trolleys stands and falls with the ease of use they offer their users. The height-adjustable KT Lift now also meets this requirement with an ergonomic improvement in order picking work. The lifting units mounted on the side of the trolley allow the four shelves of the KT Lift to be raised and then positioned and tilted in such a way that the order picker can pick up the goods in the most natural, back-friendly position possible.