Tesco, Swansea (GB)

Concept store: building the brand

Branding is more than just visual identity; it is the opportunity to create an emotional response that people associate with a company, inspiring them to visit time and time again. Branding should be sympathetic and encourage people to participate and enjoy the brand, as well as being highly recognisable and supporting customer loyalty. The new Tesco concept store in Swansea, Wales, offers branding that precisely fits this mould. At this store, the British retailer took a decisive step in the direction of the future, to ensure that Tesco continues to live in the hearts and minds of customers.

With Wanzl as a design partner and supplier for shop layout, Tesco is testing a new goods presentation method alongside an innovative customer approach in its concept store. With a high level of service and customised solutions, bespoke units were combined with custom prototype construction – developed, produced and installed by Wanzl. Along with our quality design solutions such as the wire tech shop fitout system and YourTable Cool presentation unit, cost efficiency in shop layout is guaranteed all the way to the Tesco petrol station. The second Tesco concept store is expected to start creating its new in-store shopping experience in the first half of 2018 in Scunthorpe, North England.

"It was a great opportunity to work with Tesco's designers for the concept store in Llansamlet, Swansea in Wales. In the first project planning phase, Wanzl's design and development team devised a creative concept and brought it to fruition over many months in close cooperation with Tesco.

Tesco's brief was to create a customer-friendly shop environment that highlights brand value, linked with excellent customer communication. The order was to refresh and reposition the shopping experience as the existing in-store promotions were interrupting the walkways through the store. For the market re-launch, we installed our wire tech shop fitout system in the food area – for Wanzl, this was a first at Tesco. Our new temperature-controlled sales module, YourTable Cool, presents fresh and healthy ready-to-go goods for convenience products and cross-selling. The new shop layout is consistently continued in-store: in the service area, in the F&F textile shop with presentation systems that are more than four meters high and have six integrated digital screens, in the serving area with fresh delicatessen, meat, sausage and fish as well as in the alcoholic beverages section. Customised systems in the food section, special bakery and wine tables and six promotional units support the high-revenue secondary placement of campaign and seasonal offers."

DAVID ORFORD, Wanzl UK Account Manager for Tesco