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E-fulfilment - Outside the box

  • Supporting your e-commerce and multichannel business
  • E-commerce Logistics - how does it work?
  • Flexible, Modular Configuration

Enhancing your customer experience, optimising your multi-channel fulfilment process and maximising your trading potential.

Click & Collect gives your customers more flexibility and reduces cost. In partnership with Strongpoint, we offer ambient, chilled and frozen collection locker solutions.

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Thinking outside the box . . .

Thinking outside the box . . .
The locker is customisable with a set-up of three modules. All modules are available for indoor or outdoor usage. The outdoor version comes with a roof and LED-lights. The locker is delivered in a neutral grey colour but can be customised to fit your profile. The “plug and play” design only requires one day on-site installation.

Pick & Mix

  • The 9-Door Module
  • The 12-Door Module
  • The Control Unit ​​​​​​

Our locker systems can be easily extended or reduced to mirror demand.

Why settle for less . . .

The groceries are stored in controlled temperatures compliant with official’s regulations. The temperatures can be adjusted to your needs and are divided into Ambient, Chilled and Frozen.

Solid Construction. . .

Solid Construction. . .
Built to withstand tough conditions. All interior metal are made in high-quality stainless steel. External surfaces are made in galvanized, coated steel. Door hinges and locks are behind protective panels to protect against break-ins.

Tested to the extremes . . .

Tested to the extremes . . .
Stable temperature in every zone and prevents condensing and icing. The self-closing doors have heated frames to prevent them from freezing. The outdoor lockers are tested in temperatures between -25 and +40°C.

Smart and Connected

Smart and Connected
The locker software controls all functions and can be easily integrated into ERP and logistics systems. The software notifies the staff in case of temperature changes, open doors and other incidents that could compromise the quality of the groceries. Support center if assistance is needed.

Optimising Your Operational Flow

All our products, services and solutions have one simple purpose... to help you maximise your trading potential.

We provide all the tools you need to make your retail operations as fast, safe and effcient as possible - our solutions are there to help your customers to get the most out of their shopping experience with you and subsequently, increase their level of spend and likeliness of repeat custom.

No Time to Waste . . .

Order picking solutions, Our wide range of order picking solutions provide the ultimate flexibility, according to your operational needs.

Our solutions enable yout teams to pick mulitiple orders quickly, accuratley and with minimzied labour intensity.

Mobile Workstations

Increasing the effciency of your operations by bringing the office to the shop floor.

Our mobile working solutions ensure your team have all the tools they need readily available, minimizing downtime betwen order picks and increasing your fulfilment capacity.

Bringing more to the table . . .

From good receipt and dispatch to picking and stock taking: in distribution centres and industrial plants, every second counts when it comes to improving processes.

The ProGlove wearable scanner replaces the conventional pistol scanner. This allows employees to work hands-free, increasing effciency.

ProGlove is part of our dynamic material handling concept; streamlining complex logistics processes and optimzing your operational flow.

There for you when you need us . . .

There for you when you need us . . .
Our national service infrastructure keeps your operations flowing:​ ​ Instant remote support ​ Reactive attendance​ Planned preventative maintenance you are always in safe hands…​ and it doesn’t stop there: Real time alerts​ Cloud-based software​ Personalised dashboard visibility​ 24/7 Service Support

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