YourTable Switch

The all-rounder at the POS

  • Table, shelf and tiered display stand
  • Flexible adaptation to different product groups
  • Mobile for fast repositioning

YourTable Switch is the all-rounder to grab more attention and provide more flexibility at the POS. The sales system displays the products you have on offer in a way that’s always different, exciting and varied so customers are quick to snap up a great deal. The YourTable Switch is a table, shelf and tiered display all in one. The YourTable Switch owes its unique multi-functionality to its ingenious construction, which, together with the practical accessories, makes for effortless conversion and flexible use. This is what makes it so valuable on the shop floor. You’ll be delighted with the YourTable Switch.

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YourTable Switch
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Product details

One system – lots of possibilities

The YourTable Switch is fired up to generate additional sales and really simplifies cross-selling. Configured as a tiered display, the system provides the perfect stage for fruits and vegetables, herb pots, fine dressings or nuts so customers will be happy to snap them up.


With its warm wood finish and elegant metal surfaces, the YourTable Switch really shows off your products when set up as a presentation table. The table allows you to arrange exquisite product combinations perfectly or show off the best picks from your wine section or other product ranges.


As you know, the till area is the customers’ last impression of your shop, so it makes sense to wave your customers goodbye with a beautiful flower display. And, of course, you’ll be able to do this by taking advantage of the practical uses of the YourTable Switch. This will cleverly encourage your customers’ buying impulses in the last few metres of the shop.


YourTable Switch works wonderfully as a shelf to display loose items, which is also perfect for your pharmacy section. You can attract a lot of customer attention to your product range highlights and promotional items.


Flexibly adaptable – the Joker at the POS

Thanks to its ingenious design, YourTable Switch can be quickly transformed into the desired presentation system in just a few steps and without the need for tools. The practical adjustment of the shelf inclination means you can always show off the best view of your product display.


More individuality

More individuality
High-quality surfaces, exciting combinations of materials and the many colour variations and finishes available for the YourTable Switch give you plenty of room to be individual.

Adjustable configurations

Adjustable configurations
Whether wire or raffia baskets, wooden shelves or flower buckets, the YourTable Switch can be adapted to best suit your product category.

Perfect presentation

Perfect presentation
The shelf can be adjusted to three different angles: 0°, 17.5° or 30°.

Intelligent anti-trapping function

Intelligent anti-trapping function
The YourTable Switch is hand and finger safe. A smart anti-trapping mechanism provides the highest level of protection against injury.

Fast repositioning

Fast repositioning
The YourTable Switch is fitted with smooth-running castors to make quick work of repositioning the unit elsewhere in the shop. This saves valuable time.