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Ticket machines

Innovative ticket machines from Wanzl are found in retail stores, swimming pools and canteens, as well as in airports and car parks. The systems can be adapted to widely-varying needs across industry sectors. In return for either cash or cashless payment, they issue tickets or tokens, which entitle the purchaser to use the relevant services.


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Vending unit NG

Paying trolley release systems

Vending unit V21

Interactive vending unit and ticket machine

One classic variant in the Wanzl range is the Vending Unit. These can be found in airports or train stations. Inserting coins allows travellers to take a luggage trolley from the Vending Unit. This gives operators the option to check trolley and cash stocks at any time. The Vending Unit is thus a secure and clear solution for making luggage trolleys readily available to travellers.

Wanzl are leaders in the ticket machine segment

Wanzl ticket machines are also used in other situations: when used as a prepay machine, club membership cards or employee cards can be loaded with cash. Ticket machines are used in museums and multi-storey car parks – fully automated and without the need for any staff. This not only simplifies processes but also speeds things up. The technology behind these systems offers a wealth of options: from navigation using a 15” PC touch display to a fully automated payment function. Wanzl ticket machines with an additional payment function – as found for example in swimming pool facilities – include cash boxes with a sorting and dispensing function, providing space for up to 2,200 coins.

Debit/credit card terminals with a PIN pad are also available for cashless payments. Special multi-point locking effectively protects machines against being broken into. Wanzl ticket machines can also be individually customised with an illuminated panel displaying company logos. The machines all have robust stainless steel housing which is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor areas. Wanzl offers special canopy solutions for ticket machines to protect against damp and cold.

Intelligent cash management with Wanzl ticket machines

The benefits of a ticket machine are clear: the machines operate 24 hours a day, and reliably and securely take on tasks which would otherwise have to be performed by staff at significant cost. Of course, cutting-edge ticket machines cannot operate continually without oversight. However, this is performed by an external office via a LAN interface and corresponding transaction software. Operators therefore have the option of centrally checking several machines in different locations at the same time – creating a cutting-edge, effective and ultimately customer-oriented solution.