Customised shopfitting

Shopfitting in the retail sector: customised systems

To ensure that your customers feel at home in your store or shop, it is important to provide them with a pleasant atmosphere. At Wanzl, we have been developing structured and appealing shopfitting concepts for the retail sector for several decades. The objective: to create purchase incentives with sophisticated interior design.

With your knowledge of your customers and our expertise, you can create an atmosphere in which customers like to do their shopping.

Working on a project together

4 benefits of working with the shopfitting expert

Communication plays a key role in a successful project collaboration. If you choose Wanzl as your competent partner to implement a customised shopfitting concept for you, you will benefit as follows:

  • Valuable experience: Our experts have already successfully implemented numerous shopfitting projects for the retail sector. We make full use of the expertise gained in this process to your benefit.
  • Customer-oriented planning: Our experts’ knowledge combined with your knowledge of your customers shapes the entire shopfitting concept – in the interests of optimum customer satisfaction.
  • Budget matters: taking your budget into account, we will develop a proposal that meets your expectations.
  • From the idea to the opening: we are there for you throughout the entire project process. And even after completion, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your customised shopfitting concept.

10 steps to realising the best shopfitting for you

To illustrate how we work, we have summarised the usual process for a shopfitting project in the retail sector in ten steps:

Whether you received information at a trade fair, through word of mouth and recommendations or via Internet research – if you already know Wanzl in general and would like to find out more about how we work, please contact us at any time! We would be happy to introduce ourselves to you in detail and discuss your specific ideas.

Based on your ideas and wishes, we start an internal consultation. A team of experts who are specifically responsible for your project will be put together. This is followed by the creation of a rough concept in which initial solutions are outlined.

Our guidance is directly based on the buying behaviour of your customers. This allows customer flows to be optimally directed through your store and the product range and offer areas can be effectively positioned.

To help your customers find their way around, we are happy to help you arrange your product ranges. We then ensure targeted guidance through the aisles and optimal furnishings.

You know your target groups the best. Together, we put together colour and shape worlds that create a true feel-good atmosphere.

Positioning highlight elements at strategically important points in the point of sale (POS) is essential for your store’s success. Using design sketches, we present suggestions for the optimal use of counters, free-standing furniture and gondola heads.

To help you get the most accurate picture of what your POS will look like, we create 3D representations for you. We will show you a detailed digital representation of the planned shop fitting for your store.

Works planning includes important steps – such as preparing the required material, determining the work sequence in the project and resource allocation. We ensure that all project points run smoothly, bring competent partners on board and support the entire project with standard elements of a “self-build brand”.

It is now the turn of your standard and special parts to be manufactured in the factory and then assembled in the store. This is followed by the laying of the floors, shelving construction and professional installation of the ceiling elements. All these activities and other tasks that arise in the course of the shopfitting project are our responsibility.

After successful completion of all the work, the best part follows – the opening of the store, which we will, of course, celebrate together. As your project partner, we will remain at your call whenever you need support and will continue to answer all your questions.

Be inspired!

Inspirations for shopfitting projects

Edeka Stadler + Honner (D)

Munich’s largest luxury store – EDEKA Stadler + Honner opens new supermarket

Steigerwald Nord motorway service station (D)

Fuel station shop with feel-good factor

Biocoop Bonheur (F)

Shopping with a feeling of bliss

New World (NZ)

Unique flagship store for the love of one’s home town

Edeka Tamme (Germany)

Hamburg’s new shopping paradise – EDEKA Tamme welcomes shoppers in the Semperhaus
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